Success Stories

Julianne this note is way overdue.
(As you know) Mike and I relocated to the Atlanta area for his job over a year ago. It was a big move and an even bigger transition. After settling in, and becoming acclimated to our new jobs and the area, the next step was a natural one. In June 2018 we MARRIED! Although I was hopeful, I never thought the day I met you would lead to marrying my soul mate. Thank you so much! Mike and I are very happy and we will be forever grateful. (And yes. I will keep the updates coming!)

This is the original testimonial!!
Hello Julianne! I thought I would reach out and give you an update. Things have moved forward nicely with Dina. I will be moving to Atlanta in February 2017 for my job and Dina will be coming with me. Dina and I wanted to thank you, without you we never would have met each other!

Many thanks!

-Mike, 49 ~ Telecommunications
(New Jersey’s Matchmaker Client)

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I had been looking for a Matchmaker to work with for sometime, but did not feel comfortable with the “slick style” of the many I contacted. When I met Julianne I was immediately impressed by her kindness and sincerity. I could tell she was a true professional who had a keen understanding of who I was and who I wanted to meet. I was pleasantly surprised to find the second person Julianne introduced me to was my perfect Match.

— Tom, 47, Software Developer
(New Jersey Matchmaking Client)

After my divorce, I tried several ways to meet a quality woman. I’m not one for the bar scene and tried other ways that proved to be a major disappointment. I took a chance, searched for Matchmakers and found Julianne. From the minute I met her, I could tell Julianne would help me in my quest to find a partner. Julianne came through; she listened and introduced me to Joanne. We are very happy and are close to celebrating our year anniversary.

-John, 58 ~ Pharmacist
(New Jersey’s Matchmaker Client)

Julianne, words can’t express how grateful I am for your expertise. I’ve never had anyone; friends, family or the online sites choose a more perfect match! I am convinced you must be a mind reader due to your accuracy. Thank you so much for a wonderful introduction to Amy, she is my perfect match!

-Richard, 43 ~ Software Designer
(New Jersey’s Matchmaker Client)

Julianne provided a mix of Matchmaking and Relationship Coaching that has been invaluable. At 42, never married, I couldn’t figure out how to attract the right one. Not only did Julianne introduce me to “the one” she helped me navigate the relationship making sure it was successful. Michelle is the best thing that’s ever happened to me and I can’t wait to start our life together. Thank you Julianne!

— Dennis, 42, Small Business Owner
(New Jersey Matchmaking Client)

At the urging of a friend I took a leap and decided to look for a local matchmaker. I found Julianne online and decided to meet with her. In the end the experience was better than I ever expected. I didn't think it was possible to find love again, but I am now dating the love of my life and I’m finally excited about the future.

— Marc, 56, Financial Analyst
(New Jersey Matchmaking Client)

I met Julianne at an event in the Spring of 2013. I never thought I would need her services. I kept her card and reached out to two years later. Julianne has a way about her that lets you know she is your advocate. I could tell she wanted nothing more than to help me find love in my life. She listened carefully to my criteria and even identified criteria that she thought would be good for me in a partner that I had never thought about before. Julianne has introduced me to Janice, a wonderful woman I never would have met on my own.

— Gary, 61, Dentist
(New Jersey Matchmaking Client)

I came out of a 7-year relationship and could not picture myself dating again. After taking some time off I figured it was time to get back into the dating game. After almost a year of doing it on my own with limited success I decided to seek the services of a professional. Julianne gave me the confidence and support I needed throughout the process. She introduced me to quality women who were serious about having a relationship too. I am now dating someone seriously who Julianne introduced to me. I would recommend using Julianne, New Jersey’s Matchmaker to anyone who is looking to find a quality partner. Thank you Julianne!

— Matt, 39, Project Manager
(New Jersey Matchmaking Client)

It’s hard to be young and single in New Jersey. I work in NYC, and didn't find the dating scene convenient. I turned to Julianne for her matchmaking and I am very glad I did. Caite and I have been dating six months now and are talking about our future. Thank you Julianne for a job well done!

— Andrew, 36, Engineer
(New Jersey Matchmaking Client)

Amazingly Julianne matched me on the first try. She listened and checked off all the boxes. I am happy to say it’s been more than a year and Lori and I are still together and very happy.

— Sam, 60, Real Estate Investor
(New Jersey Matchmaking Client)

I had tried a dating service that was a true disappointment. Then I decided to take another chance and I contacted Julianne. I liked Julianne’s style; she was very clear and didn’t tell me things she thought I wanted to hear. She really listened and I’ve met someone special. Thank you Julianne for the wonderful introduction to Mindy. She is a special woman and we couldn’t be happier.

— Paul, 38, Accountant
(New Jersey Matchmaking Client)

I have done a lot of dating in my life, and although I never had a problem meeting women, I haven’t been able to meet the right one. Julianne worked with me to help me understand what I was looking for in a wife and partner. I am now dating the “right one.”

— Victor, 33, Pharmacist
(New Jersey Matchmaking Client)

I wish I called New Jersey’s Matchmaker sooner. After meeting with her and finding out that she was a therapist I instantly understood why Julianne was so good at matchmaking. She gets people and she definitely got me. She has introduced me to the type of women that I was not finding on my own.

— P. L., 40, Lawyer
(New Jersey Matchmaking Client)

Julianne was recommended to me through a mutual acquaintance. I am divorced and was not really looking for marriage, but a committed relationship. Julianne went to work right away and introduced me to someone who wanted to the same things I wanted. I am very happy with the service she has provided.

— Joseph, 62, Architect
(New Jersey Matchmaking Client)

My experience of working with Julianne has been nothing but exceptional. She is a true lady, professional and classy. In the past I worked with a local NJ dating service and was greatly disappointed. When I contacted Julianne, I thought it was going to be more of the same. To my surprise I found New Jersey’s Matchmaker offered so much more. Julianne took the time to meet with me personally; she got to know me and really listened to what I was looking for in a match. I decided to work with Julianne and I am very happy that I did. I am now dating someone very lovely that she has introduced to me.

— R.C., 56, Entrepreneur
(New Jersey Matchmaking Client)

I have a high profile job and did not want to use the online dating sites. I travel extensively for my business and I have little time to devote to meeting someone. Matchmaking was the perfect solution for me. Julianne’s ability to understand my situation made the process easy and stress free. I would recommend Julianne to anyone who was looking to meet a quality match.

— Dave, 49, Medical Doctor
(New Jersey’s Matchmaker Client)

When I contacted Julianne I had no idea what to expect. A friend of a friend recommended that I contact Julianne for her Matchmaking Services. Julianne has a way about her that is genuine and non-judgmental. She really listens and her approach to matchmaking is spot on. I have been extremely happy with the type of women Julianne has introduced to me.

– Steve, 53, Psychologist, Ph.D.
(New Jersey Matchmaking Client)