Matchmaking FAQs

Who can become a Matchmaking client?

New Jersey’s Matchmaker is a traditional matchmaking service for attractive, successful, commitment-minded single (or divorced or widowed) men in Northern New Jersey and Rockland County. If you are a well-educated, productive and dynamic single that has found more conventional dating methods too time consuming and limited in opportunity, you are

How is New Jersey’s Matchmaker different from a Dating Service?

Personal Matchmaking is a much different approach than what a Dating Service offers. When you work with a dating service all parties pay to join and all introductions are limited to their database. New Jersey’s Matchmaker is a Personalized Matchmaking Service and we are not limited to our database. Besides creating a personal relationship with our clients we have the ability to conduct a selective search outside of our database by networking, recruiting or even discretely advertising if need be to find a quality match for you. Dating Services are about volume. Matchmaking is about providing quality matches.

Who seeks the services of New Jersey’s Matchmaker?

Here at New Jersey’s Matchmaker we believe that everyone should have access to finding his or her perfect partner. Our database and client base is filled with an extremely diverse group of members. However, a typical client of New Jersey’s Matchmaker is someone like you — smart, attractive and successful, with a good amount of sophistication. Someone who leads a full and rich life and believes it would be that much better sharing it with a special partner..

How do you know someone is a match for me?

Julianne knows match making involves much more than placing two people together and hoping for the best. New Jersey’s Matchmaker, Julianne Cantarella, will conduct an extensive in-depth personal assessment to find out who you are and what type of person you want to meet. From there Julianne begins the vetting process. She personally meets with and conducts the same extensive assessment with each one of your introductions to make sure the match is suitable for you. From there compatibility is determined and all you will have to do is show up for the date…and as part of her concierge matchmaking service Julianne will schedule the date, too!

Who will be my NJ Matchmaker?

Unlike a dating service you will not be handed off to a staff member. You will work directly with president and CEO of New Jersey’s Matchmaker, Julianne Cantarella. Julianne uses a individualized approach and will personally conduct the selective search on your behalf.

What happens if you introduce me to someone, and there is time left on my contract?

When we introduce you to someone who you feel is a match and you would like to get to know better, we can put your contract on hold for up to a year.