Date Coaching FAQs

Do you offer any other service besides Matchmaking?

New Jersey’s Matchmaker offers an exclusive boutique date coaching program that has been created by Julianne herself. As a therapist with a Masters degree, Julianne has pulled from her educational background and professional experience to create the FIND LOVE NOW! Date Coaching Program.

How does the Date Coaching Program work?

This is a simple six-step program that will help you navigate passed the dating obstacles that have been holding you back while helping you create the opportunity to meet someone wonderful. Read more about our Date Coaching Program here.

Over a six-month period Julianne will help you attain a high level of confidence and success with your dating experiences. She is adept at helping you uncover relationship roadblocks while moving you forward so you can meet someone special and build a healthy, ongoing relationship. Please take a look at her Clients Success Stories.