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Still Single? Here’s How Not to Be Next Valentine’s Day

Even though I make my living as a relationship expert, I am the first one to agree, Valentine’s Day is nothing more than a “Hallmark holiday”. It’s a way for the greeting card companies to make a few extra bucks. That said, I know it still shines a huge spotlight on your single status, making…
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Three Dates Does Not Make a Relationship

As you can imagine, after 13 years of matchmaking and dating coaching I’ve seen and heard a lot when it comes to relationships. However, there are some relationship patterns that tend to be more prevalent than others... MORE
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It’s Complicated Because You Make It So

Just because I am a hopeless romantic doesn’t mean I have some illusion that relationships don’t take work. And because I am a relationship expert I know they can be complicated, have their ups and downs, and be a lot of work. MORE
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Why Dating is Necessary

Featured on the Teen Mentor by Julianne Cantarella. It seems as if dating has become nonexistent among the 14 to 22 year old set. From my observation, it’s a rare occurrence when someone takes a date to the prom, goes out to the movies as a couple or gushes over a crush. MORE
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Believe in Yourself

Featured in Talk of the Town by Julianne Don’t Let Self-Limiting Beliefs Sabotage your Relationship Status Self-limiting beliefs? What the? I know, it sounds like psycho babble and yes, it is, but as a relationship expert and former therapist, this is a very real phenomenon that I encounter with both my male and female clients.…
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There are No Such Things As Ghosts

Featured in Talk of the Town by Julianne Nobody deserves to be ignored, but were you really in a relationship this whole time? So, I’m guessing you’ve heard all about the Charlize Theron and Sean Penn “ghosting” debacle. (For those of you who might not have heard this term before, “ghosting” is one partner ends…
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How to Be a Better Date in 2016!

Featured in Talk of the Town by Julianne So, here’s the rub. I represent men for matchmaking and I relationship-mentor women. Everyday, women share examples of how (some) men sabotage potential relationships with negative behaviors. Some negative behaviors are more common than others… I suspect, you would never engage in self sabotaging negative behaviors, but…
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Why Did He Disappear After Our Third Date?

Featured on Madame Noir by Julianne Let’s face it, dating can be discouraging … especially when the men you go out with all seem to disappear after two or three dates. Fortunately, help is on the way. “Please keep in mind,” says Julianne, “three dates does not a relationship make. Now, I know that you…
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Start Dating Like a Big Boy

Featured in Talk of the Town by Julianne We all need chemistry—that’s a given when it comes to inti- mate romantic relationships. I would be lying if I said that attraction doesn’t matter, but that said, is the fantasy of what she should be out- weighing the reality of being loved? MORE
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